Sunday, August 28, 2011


Picture found on Google Images
Poem by me
Her name is pain, it's all she brings
she ties you up with a thousand strings
each one twisted with razor wire
claiming all but herself is the liar
she knocks you out with a metal bat
she's evil you know with eyes like a cat
her voice is unworldly a loud screech
she sucks your soul out like a leech

Her name is sly, ever so sneaky
she can stalk you til its plain creepy
you never know when she will strike
no type of torture you will like
she cuts you up a million times
in her chinese torture she uses limes
she stomps your eyes out with her heels
and sends them to your friends in meals

Her name is degrade and serrated too
she will do this to anyone no matter who
piece by piece she loses her humanity
so to this day we question her sanity