Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peaceful Sleep

You know its oddly peaceful,
when you know your going to die.
I think of birds and angels,
becuase like them I want to fly.

Because someday I believe,
will all my poor dying heart,
everybody gets a chance to fly,
from the world that they part.

I hope GOD greets me and,
lets me in his golden wings.
Maybe I'll be an angel with,
a voice so beautiful it rings.

Of course I will miss you,
but I really think its time.
Thats why I'm explaining this,
in a four line rhyme.

I know your going to cry,
just like all sadness makes you do.
I really just wanted you to know,
I really loved you too.

I had a happy life,
full of laughs, love, and smiles.
Even when life got bad,
we kept going on for miles.

Please don't blame GOD,
or people or even you!
I'm so sorry, I saw this coming,
all this time I knew.

It's gonna be peaceful,
i'll go while I sleep.
I won't feel a thing,
becuase love is in me deep.

Becareful out there becuase you,
never know what you could see.
Sometimes life is dangerous,
but your hope is the key.

I'm getting really sleepy now,
so i'll stop and let this be.
Please always love and never forget,
the hopeful heart that was me.