Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sorrow Infection

I eat sorrow
like an obese white man.
I drink it in
and let it loll across my tongue.
I don't savor it
becuase its deadly.
The sorrow sinks into my skin
and lays spider eggs that haunt my brain.
I get bigger and bigger
until the sorrow inside me explodes.
It will explode into thousands of spiders
that will crawl to the next victom.
All that's left is an empty shell
becuase the sorrow infection has defeated me.
The sorrow infection,
are you next?

Poem inspired by- 
 The Sorrow King by Anderson Prunty
Read this:
Who is the sorrow king?
He is carved from wood and bone.
He smells like wax, dead leaves, and memories.
He travels by moonlight and drinks the sorrow of others.