Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Poem by me
Sometimes I go outside
deep into the evergreen trees
just to scream
until my lungs hurt
I scream until
 I feel numb and sore at the same time
I scream until 
everything I hate or love rearranges itself
I scream until
someone finds me in this chaos
but days go by
no one finds me
I scream because I'm lonely
I cry because I scream
Why scream?
It hurts worse than crying
and everyone can hear it
except you, you never hear it
even when I scream louder than thunder
you ignore it like your deaf
so I just keep screaming 
and then I hear it
it took me awhile to notice
but I heard it
your scream
it was so loud you couldn't hear mine
so finally I stop
and think
should I go to you?
your screams are a call
they need an answer
you stop screaming
and I know its my chance for you to hear
here's my answer
so I scream

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Every Tuesday The Broke and The Bookish hosts Top Ten Tuesday. Click the link below to visit it.

This weeks theme is...
Top 10- Books I want to reread.

10. The Hunger Games By Suzanna Collins

9. Gone By Micheal Grant

8. Impossible By Nancy Werlin

7. Tricks By Ellen Hopkins

6. Balefire By Cate Tiernan

5. The Host By Stephenie Meyer

4. Marked By P.C. Cast

3. The Forest Of Hands And Teeth By Carrie Ryan

2. Rot and Ruin By Jonathon Maberry

1. Prophecy of the Sisters By Michelle Zink

I strongly recommend all of these!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I decided to go on a giveaway spree. :)
That's means I look for giveaways on the blogs I follow.
Here are some you should check out!

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Contest ends September 30th

Good luck!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sorrow Infection

I eat sorrow
like an obese white man.
I drink it in
and let it loll across my tongue.
I don't savor it
becuase its deadly.
The sorrow sinks into my skin
and lays spider eggs that haunt my brain.
I get bigger and bigger
until the sorrow inside me explodes.
It will explode into thousands of spiders
that will crawl to the next victom.
All that's left is an empty shell
becuase the sorrow infection has defeated me.
The sorrow infection,
are you next?

Poem inspired by- 
 The Sorrow King by Anderson Prunty
Read this:
Who is the sorrow king?
He is carved from wood and bone.
He smells like wax, dead leaves, and memories.
He travels by moonlight and drinks the sorrow of others.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When You Called


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Poem by me

When I called
you didn't pick-up
left me hangin
like a lost pup

When I called
No one was there
I told myself
thats not fair

When I called
you left the phone
after that
I felt so alone

When I called
you didn't talk
I hung up
went for a walk

When you called
I wasn't there
you knew becuase
I didn't care

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Symphony Of A Snake

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Poem by me

It slithers around my heart
squeezing choking
dying heart
all whole new species
Heart Breaker Python
help I cry
nothing comes out
Your tail caresses my face
I shudder and your grip tightens

My breaths grow shorter
My heart beats rise faster
My mind swirls in the chaos

You evil snake
You nasty little creature

I laugh at your pity
I laugh at nothing

Your venom seeps into my skin
destroying me
destroying us

I was once a snake

my snake song grew short
my hiss went dark

I saw light
I saw my kills
I saw my trail of broken hearts
Then, I saw you
Lonely snake hiding
I let you free
It wasn't long till
you were killing me

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peaceful Sleep

You know its oddly peaceful,
when you know your going to die.
I think of birds and angels,
becuase like them I want to fly.

Because someday I believe,
will all my poor dying heart,
everybody gets a chance to fly,
from the world that they part.

I hope GOD greets me and,
lets me in his golden wings.
Maybe I'll be an angel with,
a voice so beautiful it rings.

Of course I will miss you,
but I really think its time.
Thats why I'm explaining this,
in a four line rhyme.

I know your going to cry,
just like all sadness makes you do.
I really just wanted you to know,
I really loved you too.

I had a happy life,
full of laughs, love, and smiles.
Even when life got bad,
we kept going on for miles.

Please don't blame GOD,
or people or even you!
I'm so sorry, I saw this coming,
all this time I knew.

It's gonna be peaceful,
i'll go while I sleep.
I won't feel a thing,
becuase love is in me deep.

Becareful out there becuase you,
never know what you could see.
Sometimes life is dangerous,
but your hope is the key.

I'm getting really sleepy now,
so i'll stop and let this be.
Please always love and never forget,
the hopeful heart that was me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Freedom of The Wind

Picture found on flickr
Poem by me.
Freedom of the wind
blowing through my hair
spirits whisper my name
without a single care

Freedom of the wind
soft swaying of trees
gentle draft of sunshine
a warm calm breeze

Freedom of the wind
don't stop the tranquil blow
leaves roll by my feet
with everywhere to go

Freedom of the wind
unintelligable words
only moments wind waits
to glide with the birds

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Life

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Poem by me
 The whispered wind cried to stop,
The humans who always said,
The voices that I hear at night,
The screams inside my head.

The memories that push our thoughts,
The pain it takes to stay,
The hate that passes most,
The love to hope and pray.

The wish for the greatest goal,
The pleas out in the dark,
The moments when we cry,
The fire when it sparks.

The family that we stay with,
The friends we all seek,
The nights when we ran away,
The stairs that always creak.

The arms that hold me,
The tissue that drys my tears,
The pillow where I lay my head,
The journal that keeps my fears.

The life we all seek,
The life we all love and hate,
The life we want to change,
The life that's too late.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Raven Calls

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Poem by me


Run or hide Afraid to look Death in the eye


Your Hands are tied Caught in its hook You might die


Where can you run It will always find you


The chase is never done Can't get a clue


I cried out Can't you see?


Too bad the raven Is me!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Save Me

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Poem by me

I fell nine days

Nine days of endless fall from the haven above.

My broken wings cannot take flight.

Nine days of my whispered screams.

I cry for help but no one can save me.

Nine days of falling through stars.

I feel like I am shattered already.

Nine days to wait for my crunched bones.

When I reach the final day I cry raindrops.

Nine days to think about the beginning of my end.

When the end comes I brake every bone in my body.

This time I cry so loud that someone comes to me.
It is you.

You pick me up and fold my feathered white wings.
No longer beautiful but torn beyond help.

You say, "Poor angel. I will save you."

What you don't know is I'm your gaurdian angel.

I am here to save you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Throw My Heart Away

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Poem by me

Throw my heart away.
I crave the pain. Complete loneliness.
I wanna fall into a pit of misery.
Where I can cry and do whatever and nobody can stop me.
No whispers. Just screams.
My skin gets goosebumps and I feel every pore in my body yell out,
It fuels my fire, churns my soul.
Without it I would wither, but I could do without my heart
So when I give up and give my heart to you.
Save me. Save yourself.
Throw my heart away.
I would rather suffer alone in my mess
then drag you through it forever.
You probably have questions but there isn't any answers.
I put up a wall to surround myself in my angst.
This wall seperates us. This wall seperates me from everybody.
If only you could understand.
So please please please,
Throw my heart away.
And when you do try not to listen to my
wails of agony. I don't need help.
I lie, I try, I die inside.
If you know what is good for you,
Throw my fucking heart away.
Or I'll do it for you.