Monday, February 27, 2012

Young Adult Recommendations

I will classify each recommendation by genre. All of the books listed below I have read and know for a fact most libraries carry these. YA might be a genre in itself but there are lots of sub genres in YA that appeal to different teens. So here is my take on those sub genres. :)

(a failed society in the future)
(my favorite)

(realistic fiction)

Science Fiction
(a lot like dystopian but with more science)

(stories that are written like poetry)

Historical Fiction
(stuff back in your grandparent's day)

Paranormal Romance
(sexy vampires, werewolves, faeries, angels, you name it)

(really funny stuff with teenagers)

(scary books that keep me awake at night but i love them anyway)

The Best of The Best
Bets Dystopian-

Best Contemporary-

Best Science Fiction-

Best Vampire Romance-

Best Mythology-

Best Wizard-

I could go on forever on the best books of everything. :) But I think I'll stop and let you decide what your favorite sub genre is. :) Comment if you want more ideas for certain categories. Happy reading!