Monday, September 5, 2011

Throw My Heart Away

Picture found on google images
Poem by me

Throw my heart away.
I crave the pain. Complete loneliness.
I wanna fall into a pit of misery.
Where I can cry and do whatever and nobody can stop me.
No whispers. Just screams.
My skin gets goosebumps and I feel every pore in my body yell out,
It fuels my fire, churns my soul.
Without it I would wither, but I could do without my heart
So when I give up and give my heart to you.
Save me. Save yourself.
Throw my heart away.
I would rather suffer alone in my mess
then drag you through it forever.
You probably have questions but there isn't any answers.
I put up a wall to surround myself in my angst.
This wall seperates us. This wall seperates me from everybody.
If only you could understand.
So please please please,
Throw my heart away.
And when you do try not to listen to my
wails of agony. I don't need help.
I lie, I try, I die inside.
If you know what is good for you,
Throw my fucking heart away.
Or I'll do it for you.