Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Save Me

Picture found on google images
Poem by me

I fell nine days

Nine days of endless fall from the haven above.

My broken wings cannot take flight.

Nine days of my whispered screams.

I cry for help but no one can save me.

Nine days of falling through stars.

I feel like I am shattered already.

Nine days to wait for my crunched bones.

When I reach the final day I cry raindrops.

Nine days to think about the beginning of my end.

When the end comes I brake every bone in my body.

This time I cry so loud that someone comes to me.
It is you.

You pick me up and fold my feathered white wings.
No longer beautiful but torn beyond help.

You say, "Poor angel. I will save you."

What you don't know is I'm your gaurdian angel.

I am here to save you.