Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Am A Harvester Of Light By Sarah Tsomides Book Review and Interview

Title- I Am A Harvester Of Light
Author- Sarah Tsomides
Source- ebook sent from author
Pages- 75

Goodreads Summary-

I was born into a society, a village close to the forest; a conservative one indeed, the death of my parents when I was young left me with questions about the traditions and beliefs fostered by the Forest Council. 

Light and darkness represents two different things for the inhabitants of the village where I live; light is represented by good and darkness as evil. The definition does not sound as easy as you would think. There seems to be more to the evil and good side! 

My parents were swallowed by darkness and neither did I know that more tragedy was on its way. A tragedy which I could or maybe would handle. If you are reading this; then be afraid of the dark henceforth and as for the light hold on to it wisely but with logical reasoning. 

We have the harvesters of light and the shadowers all wrestling for survival, identity in a society fostered by class, gullibility, oral tradition, secrecy, and thirst for power. But one thing remains for certain- I am a harvester of light.


Cover Thoughts-
Very cool. :) Today's book covers look airbrushed and have random models and I always appreciate a book cover that looks like art. I'm guessing the little green-brown boy is Lumiere, a harvester of light, and the brown slash must be the representation of light. If it is I had never pictured it like that in my head. 

First Thought-
Very original and I always look for a new story. :) 

What I liked-
I have never read anything like this before. I believe the beginning was perfect. :) I felt so sad for Lumiere living with his grandparents and having to deal with the fear of the darkness and the Forest Council. All his troubles start from finding a book. The last of its kind and it spills some secrets the Forest Council does not want out. Lumiere finds it hard to believe in something when he has known something else his whole life. He is important you know because he harvests the light. He is needed. His world just turns upside down when he finds out otherwise. Not only was the beginning fantastic but the end was even better. I don't think I have read that awesome of last words before. I had spent my entire life harvesting the light.
Now it was the lights turn, to harvest me. For such a short book it left a lingering presence in my mind. I will probably always think of  Lumiere when I'm alone in the dark.

What I disliked-
At times it was a bit heavy with information and I believe the book would have been longer if the information was stretched out more. I felt bombarded with details and notes on Lumiere's world. I got confused too. So if suddenly it's not possible to harvest light then is there nothing to see of the light? When Lumiere is trapped in total darkness and he lets some light into his area does that mean he imagined it? Is light just part of the people's imagination now? Or is there actual magic and light is conjured up by your power? Even though I had all these questions I want to read a sequel to answer them all.

Overall Readability-
A all in one sitter. It's enjoyable, adventurous, and easy to read. At times a bit confusing and hard to keep track of facts but once your through it, it all come together. I recommend this to young readers looking for some new magical reads.

My Final Thought-
Holy Guacamole. They actually made it to the other side? I must know what they see!

3 out of 5 Haunted Roses


1.Tell us about yourself.
   I am Sarah Tsomides, a single mother of two wonderful boys.  Born in Minnesota but has travelled all around different continents. I presently live in Hamburg, Germany.

2. Are you working on any other books?  
   Presently am working on how to expand on the story line from I am a harvester of light. So a much lengthy book is on the way.

3. What authors influenced you the most?       
Talking about influence from other authors; I would mention Terry Goodkind, Christopher Paolini, J.K Rowling, and Suzanne Collins. I would like to write more about angels, demons, witches but zombies, vampires seem not to be my taste.

4.  Zombies, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, witches, or faeries, and why?  
    From the ‘I am a Harvester of Light’ storyline, the plot and the unfolding events have religious, social /cultural and philosophical undertone.  I therefore would enjoy reading or writing fantasy books with angels, demons, witches or magical creatures.

5.  What is the wildest idea you had while being an author?
     My wildest ideas were creating different characters, dreaming and visualizing the characters. Creating new magical characters that have not been mentioned before also keeps me awake at night.

6. What is your favorite part in your book?       
My favorite part in the ‘I am a Harvester of Light’ is the part that Lumière found out about the truth.

7.  What is your favorite book?       
My favorite book would be the book series from Terry Goodkind-“The wizard’s first rule, stone of tears et al.”

8.   If Harry potter and Edward Cullen had a fight what do you think the outcome would be?   
 The fight between both characters; Edward Cullen and Harry Potter would be a fan war. I would rather support Harry Potter because he has magical powers which should overcome the speed or deadly vampire fangs or power.

9.   In one sentence only, why should we read your book?
    I am a Harvester of light keeps you wrapped in a world of suspense.

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