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Where Dead Bodies Lie by Kat Cazanav Book Review and Blog Tour

Title: Where Dead Bodies Lie
Author: Kat Cazanav
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Source: ebook
Pages: 254
Publication Date: December 16th, 2014
Amazon Summary
For as long as I can remember, I have been told to follow three important rules:
1. Always guard my ability
2. Never share my secret
3. And pretend to be normal. 
However, those three little rules don’t make my life easier. I still find dead people and deal with strange visions. Not to mention, an attraction to a boy who doesn’t exist. Whenever we cross path’s he mists away like smoke on a mirror. He drives me crazy, that Kaff Cooper. 
As a flock of dead crows fall from the blackened sky, Kaff becomes the only one who can see the truth straight to the dark underbelly of who I actually am. 
My hands feel the pull to extract the forsaken, the lost, the forgotten. It comes as naturally as breathing and there is no stopping it.

Cover Thoughts-
I really like the ghostly feeling it gives you when you first look at it. It's an eye catcher. Although, the girl on the cover is not how I pictured Ella to look like. Partnered with the summary I am instantly interested to read this book.

First Thought-
I read a lot of YA Paranormal Romance, and I have never heard of body dowsing. I've read everything from vampires and werewolves to witches and fae, but I have never even considered the idea of Body Dowsers or Water Witches. I am the type of reader who strives to read something uncommon or novels with characters considered not mainstream. This novel screams at me to pick it up and read it. 

I believe my favorite part of the novel was the originality. I haven't read anything like this before. There was a lot that I was not expecting. It was really hard to put information together sometimes, and because of that I read it in one night. I had to get to the bottom of who Kaff was. Who he really is will blow your mind. I almost didn't believe it. There are so many twists and turns. Honestly, if I was in Ella's shoes there is no way that I would go back to the school that bullied me. Realistically speaking she could have got into college without going back to that nameless town in the middle of nowhere. Even though the book doesn't say it, I believe that there had to be a small part of her that wanted to go back. It wasn't just her destiny. She knew from the beginning that Kaff is important to her even if she blames him for ending her stay at the boarding school. Reading Where Dead Bodies Lie is one of those novels you can think deeply about and find whats beneath the surface. I really wish that there was more information regarding the world that Ella is pulling spirits from. I still have no idea how the ending could have happened. I was left with a bunch of questions, but I'm eagerly waiting for the next in the series.
Overall Readability-
This is a great novel to get if you enjoy original YA Paranormal Romance. I know sometimes vampires and werewolves can get repetitive but this novel was something new and exciting. After reading Where Dead Bodies Lie I did a lot of research about Body Dowsing and it inspired me to look into something new. 
My Final Thought-
Did not see that ending coming at all. HOW!!!! I have so many unanswered questions. Will they be addressed in the next novel? I hope so.

4 out of 5 Haunted Roses


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