Thursday, November 17, 2011


Picture was taken and edited by me
Poem is also by me

Lying on the floor
she sleeps.
Already dead
her soul decays.
She tries to stand.
She tries to breathe.
She tries to speak.
She tries to live.
Then she thinks that alive people never understood.
how great life is,
how wonderful and magical it is,
until it's gone.
And here she lays
pitiful dead spirit.
She whispers into the wind
but even that doesn't hear her.
She is not real.
She is gone.
She has disappeared.
No coffin.
No jar.
Just barren floor.
All because she realized
too late
how great life is.
And now she suffers
the consequences
of her mistake.
Decaying in your home
waiting for the discovery
of a girl who lost her soul
to the knife.
Stabbed herself once.
No one to stop her.
Thought she was unloved, unnoticed,
barely alive inside.
She dreamt her days away in fantasy
living out her nightmares.
Wishing she were dead.
Then comes upon the idea
of suicide.
When it is too late to go back
she sees the truth.
Now she really is dead.