Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boxed Memories

Picture found on Google Images.
Poem by me.

After last night, It's hard to breathe.
I keep thinking I lost a part of myself.
I stare into nothing, looking, searching,
and I'm not even sure what for.
I rewrap the boxes of memories in my brain,
so that they never escape.
I try to put you in a box. I try to forget.
I stuff you in but you won't fit.
Is this my fault? Was I trying too hard?
I can't even remember why you were worth the crying.
I remember you letting go of my hand.
I remember my best friend wiping away wasted tears,
in the nastiest bathroom I have ever seen
I remember sleeping with a metal flashlight that doesn't even work.
Cold hard metal against my skin comforts me.
Then I remember I don't need anybody.
I don't need anybody to hold me.
I don't need anybody to be my shoulder to cry on.
All I need is myself,
and my giant boxes all packed up.
I found a bigger box
and your in it now.
I moved on.