Thursday, November 3, 2011

Broken Dreams

Picture found on Google Images
Poem by me
When I dream its like a
spiritual power awakening me
lifting my soul to float like a butterfly's wings
So much euphoria and hope
I see a vast ocean of endless opportunities
but I have a flaw
I never see the storm coming
the fog of today clouds my vision
my search is blindsided by the events of yesterday' past
When the climax approaches
I think back
WOW I was stupid
I wil NEVER do that again
The mistakes add up and grip onto me
and I listen to the advice like a second diety
Then I'm hit...

A tsunami of chaos
My first reaction is to duck under a desk
but I realize this is far worse than an earthquake
So I run to higher ground only to
notice I'm in the quicksand of depression
and other people suffering
cry out for help
hands reach out an dclaw my skin
Someone blindly holds on to me
and together we escape
I look behind me and see people
I never knew crying desperately
and they still sink deeper
I say to myself...

Do I leave them to die and go on with my life... alone?
The egoist side of me screams yes
to reach the top I need to take the steps up
even if those steps are another person's dreams
The altruist side cries no
I'm just one grain of sand
sometimes less makes you happier
my thought process takes too long
and before I know it...

The wave of debris and water to drown in
cascades and descends upon us
I save nobody

Before I am crushed
I fall to my knees and scream
My dreams never came true!
Someone who is about to die
reaches down to me
and whispers...
What Dreams?

And then I wake up.