Monday, March 12, 2012

The Goddess Test By Aimee Carter Book Review

Title- The Goddess Test
Author- Aimee Carter
Source- Harlequin Teen Panel
Pages- 293
Publisher- Harlequin
Publication Date-April 19th 2011

Goodreads Summary- In a modern-day take on the myth of Persephone, 18-year-old Kate Winters is thrust into a mythical world, where she must pass seven impossible tests and outsmart a spiteful god in order to save the life of not just her mother but of her captor as well.

Cover Thoughts-
I love the old fashioned greek dress Kate is wearing. I could tell it totally represents the lostness she feels and the complete and utter failure she thinks she has. This cover is totally an eye catcher for greek mythology lovers.

First Thought-
I was actually pretty excited. It is my first book recieved for being a Harlequin Teen Panelist and I wanted to start reading it right away because it has greek mythology!

What I liked-
I love love love the idea of making a modern day version of the hades and persephone myth! I liked how Persephone chose to become human and die with a different lover so Hades is left with no queen. It gave the perfect opening for the 7 tests Kate has to go through to become his queen. If she fails Hades fades and leaves Hermes to become the new king of the underworld. One problem is Hermes becomes Kate's best friend. Kate's mom is dying, and for some reason the girls in the tests always fail. Kate selflessly helps someone who tricked her and that is when Hades (Henry) appears to her. He saves the girl and grants her 1 thing. She gets to see her mom everynight in exchange for doing his 7 tests. Another problem comes up, how can Kate be queen of the underworld if Henry loves Persephone more?

What I disliked-
I didn't like how confusing it was to keep the characters strait. There was so many gods and goddesses and traits of them you want to understand but keeping their modern names connected to the greek name was hard. I hated how easily Henry and Kate gave into each other. The love was a little unrealistic but hey its a romantic myth so what else could I expect?

Overall Readability-
It was really fast pased except for the confusing parts. The idea was also perfectly melded together. It's deffinently a good read for someone looking for a small series on greek mythology.

My Final Thought-
 I was very eager to learn if Henry and Kate's romance would bloom. I wonder if Harlequin will send the second one soon?

4 out of 5 Haunted Roses