Saturday, February 18, 2012

New At The Haunted Rose

First off;
 I added a new page. This page is dedicated to $0.99 e-books that I have read and liked. I know it is hard now and days to actually buy cheap e-books worth reading and that is why i made that page for paranormal romance or fantasy lovers like me. The page is also to make up for the past two months where I haven't reviewed or posted anything. I actually reviewed quite a few more books but I keep forgetting to write the reviews on here. So instead I have a notebook so full of my crappy handwriting that I don't know where to start. I think I might just make a new notebook and just forget about those reviews. I didn't really find one book that caught my undivided attention anyway.

Giveaway Winners;
Last month I hosted a giveaway from the Dana Michelle Burnett and she gave away 2 e-books of her paranormal romance Spiritus. The winners are........................
& Caitlin
Thank you all for participating!

Book Tours;
 I will be in 2 book tours. Here they are;

Look out soon February 25th when I have a guest post from Randi Black about sex education and host a giveaway for an ipod and a signed copy of Miss World.
Also March 26th is when I will be doing the Forever Girl Tour. I haven't decided yet what the guest post will be about.
Be excited! These are some amazing books!

In the beginning of The Haunted Rose I was a personal blog but then I fell in love with books. I deleted all my personal posts and started up with new ideas for this blog. I will be incorporating top 10 Tuesdays, and follow Fridays. I will also be trying to contact more authors for interviews, guest posts, giveaways, and cover reveals. Feel free to email me suggestions or comment about anything. I love what you all have to say.