Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Picture found on Google images
Poem by me
Sometimes I go outside
deep into the evergreen trees
just to scream
until my lungs hurt
I scream until
 I feel numb and sore at the same time
I scream until 
everything I hate or love rearranges itself
I scream until
someone finds me in this chaos
but days go by
no one finds me
I scream because I'm lonely
I cry because I scream
Why scream?
It hurts worse than crying
and everyone can hear it
except you, you never hear it
even when I scream louder than thunder
you ignore it like your deaf
so I just keep screaming 
and then I hear it
it took me awhile to notice
but I heard it
your scream
it was so loud you couldn't hear mine
so finally I stop
and think
should I go to you?
your screams are a call
they need an answer
you stop screaming
and I know its my chance for you to hear
here's my answer
so I scream