Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Angel

Picture found on google images
Poem by me

Black charred wings, 
a burnt and tortured soul. 
The angel's life, 
grey torn and dull. 

Poor tortured angel, 
life gone, decaying. 
And I didn't stop when, 
Help me was all he's saying. 

I could have stopped, 
and helped or cared. 
I didn't do anything, 
becuase I was scared. 

The angel looked at me, 
straight in my eyes. 
I stopped and watched, 
as he cries. 

He put his dirty face, 
in his hands. 
I wondered if he, 

I heard him whimper, 
and I started to cry. 
Its not fair that, 
the angel has to die 

I wondered who did this? 
Who caused this strife? 
Who took away the, 
poor angel's life? 

Did the angel have a family? 
Did the angel have a friend? 
Becuase nobody but me, 
is here to see this end. 

I gripped the angel's wing, 
And said a solemn prayer. 
I will get revenge on, 
the angel's slayer. 

I got up to leave, 
but he yelled, Don't Go! 
I heard enough of the, 
angel's tale of woe.

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