Monday, September 12, 2011

The Life

Picture found on google images
Poem by me
 The whispered wind cried to stop,
The humans who always said,
The voices that I hear at night,
The screams inside my head.

The memories that push our thoughts,
The pain it takes to stay,
The hate that passes most,
The love to hope and pray.

The wish for the greatest goal,
The pleas out in the dark,
The moments when we cry,
The fire when it sparks.

The family that we stay with,
The friends we all seek,
The nights when we ran away,
The stairs that always creak.

The arms that hold me,
The tissue that drys my tears,
The pillow where I lay my head,
The journal that keeps my fears.

The life we all seek,
The life we all love and hate,
The life we want to change,
The life that's too late.


  1. I love how you use the raw emotions – like colors on a canvas.

  2. You are a very talented young woman. Thank you for sharing your poetry. I look forward to reading more.