Monday, October 10, 2011

Silver Shards


Picture found on Google Images
Poem by me

The mirror
the one I stand in front of
every morning
hung on my wall.

I Look in
to see my reflection
all the time.
Its all a lie.

I don't see what you see.
I see a girl so sick,
Shes broken not the mirror.
theres still a silver shard.

Hanging from where
I punched it.
knuckles bleed
the pain isn't so bad.

I pick a silver shard
off my carpeted floor.
cracked along the middle.
One side is red.

The other is silver.
Shards are
everywhere now.
So sharp.

Lots of silver shards.
My own fasination.
Something so dangerous
to look at
but to me
 okay to touch.
Silver shards.

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