Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

My birthday was December 4th! I am finally 16 and here is a poem I wrote because of it.
Picture found on google images
Poem by me

Little girl
blow out your candles
another year older
another year starting
today hoping dreaming,
feeling stays forever.

Little girl
don't be so blue
another year older
another year is all
about you and this
makes you who you are.

Little girl
let your hair fall free
another year older
another year of love 
and family that are
there for you.

Little girl
make a wish
another year older
another year of
mystery where everything
in the end.


  1. That is a beautiful poem, and it's ingenious! I can never write a poem even if my life depended on it (actually my life depends on my grades, and I was being graded, but that's not the point). Haha, Happy Sweet Sixteen, Rose! And yes, another year older, and another year of blogging. Muahahahaha! Kidding, haha, hope you'll have a wonderful day and receive lots of presents!:) And eat lots of cake.;P

  2. Sweet poem...Happy 16th Birthday.

  3. That was a really lovely piece. Blessings on your "new" year!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! You've got a wonderful future ahead of you!!

  5. I'm sorry I miss your BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Girl!!! Wish you the best!! Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!! ^_^ Love the poem!!

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  6. Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope it was awesome!
    Beautiful poem btw!