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Destiny Blog Tour! 2 Book Reviews!

Cheers* Welcome minions to another tour stop on the Destiny Tour! Today I have 2 reviews on Heather White's book series: When Destiny Knocks, and When Destiny Strikes! Happy reading!

Title- When Destiny Knocks (Destiny Saga 1)
Author- Heather White
Source- E-book sent from SupaGurl Tours
Pages- 200 pages
Publisher- Self
Publication Date- December 24th 2011

Goodreads Summary-
16 year old Karlie has had a pretty normal life... But when her Mom dies she is forced to move over 1,000 miles away to live with her Dad. That's when things start getting weird.
She can't explain the earthquakes that nobody else feels, or why she no longer sleeps. But most of all she doesn't know why she trusts Shane so much, even though his Dad wants her dead.
Suddenly, Karlie's normal life is turned upside down and she enters a world she never dreamed could really exist.

Cover Thoughts-
The best cover like ever. How can you get any more awesome than that? It has a sword! A sword that Karlie uses! This totally goes with the book and I love it!
First Thought-
I don't really think the summary catches the attention the book needs. Surely it can't be as boring. 
What I liked-
I'll admit it was action-packed and full of girl power awesomeness! I love how each character has their own unique personality and ability. You got the witch, the guardians, the half-demon, the angel, and Karlie: defender of the human race. I love how Karlie fights like a warrior because its hot! I felt bad for Alex though! He likes Karlie but she likes Shane so the poor angel is alone. :( I love the whole idea of the series too. It's basically about Karlie embracing her Destiny as defender of us and destroying all the bad supernaturals against us like: ogres, werewolves, vampires, and demons. I wish I had the warrior bad-as* life of Karlie but then again I don't because I value my life. 

What I disliked-
I found myself wondering how alot of information fit together, like details were missing or something. Even the smallest details can affect a reader. I also hate instalove. I hate it with every once of my being becuase laying eyes on someone and loving them unconditionally enough not to kill them does not happen. Seriously I would have liked it if Shane tried to kill her one time. 

Overall Readability-
Even though When Destiny Knocks had the most hated thing I could hate I liked it. It was a "cute" little read that I would like to finish but not nessasairly remember much or love. Bad as* warrior girls are my favorite characters so it is impossible to not like it. :)
My Final Thought-
Now move on to the next book!

3 out of 5 Haunted Roses

Title- When Destiny Strikes (Destiny Saga 2)
Author- Heather White
Source- E-book sent from SupaGurl Tours
Pages- 200 pages
Publisher- Self
Publication Date- April 2012

Goodreads Summary-
Now that Karlie has received her full powers, things are going to be great... right? Karlie's number one priority is to kill Serenity - after all she deserves it for trying to kill Alex. Though it isn't as easy as it sounds. Serenity teams up with demons to create an army to destroy Karlie. On top of that, there are a ton of zombies, everywhere... And a new angel in town, who seems more like a demon... And of course, a shape shifter dragon! It's all weird, even for Karlie. With friends turning against friends, it seems as though her life got a whole lot more complicated.

Cover Thoughts-
It's not as good as the first one but I like how it still holds the girl in power feeling. I especially love the cover model's hair. So hot. :)
First Thought-
Read the first one, will this one be better?
What I liked-
The ending! It was the probably the best idea of the whole series so far. It makes the reader want so much more! I was like oh my gosh I did not expect that at all! To be honest I believe When Destiny Strikes was the better book. It emotional where all the characters look towards there doom, action-packed when they fought all the enemies, and even betrayal was involved. I loved how this book made the series something to look forward too. I also love Karlie's spat with Hannah and how you can clearly see her jealousy. It added a little normal drama to her ever so changing life.

What I disliked-
I didn't like one scene and its probably the most important one other than the ending. Karlie goes with Alex and Serenity is there but then Alex betrays her. She practically dies but somehow she finds it in her heart to forgive Alex and then Shane acts like a little girl and doesn't kill that little poo head? I was like dude your a half-demon not a puppy go get revenge. And Karlie should not have forgiven him that fast. Other than that and a few details issues again I liked the book.

Overall Readability-
Way way way better than the first. It just screamed action! My blood was pumping right along with Karlie as she fought almost to her death to the end. 

My Final Thought-
Issac is soooo sexy. :) I'm soooo jealous. I'm really hoping theres a next one!

3 out of 5 Haunted Roses

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